Green Burial

Many people share a growing concern about the impact mankind has on our world. Conserving energy, protecting natural habitats, wildlife and the beauty of God's creation are matters important to all of us. Green funeral and burial practices are for those persons who wish to continue to minimize their footprint on the environment, and for those you wish to simplify the process of their funeral, burial and return to the earth.

Our funeral home offers a variety of services and burial products that will accomplish just that, along with providing their families and friends the opportunity for a memorable and meaningful experience.  

What is a Green Funeral? 

Simply put, a green funeral is making funeral decisions that will minimize the impact upon the environment. All green burial cemeteries will have requirements for interment, including: no embalming, except with Green Burial Council (GBC) approved chemicals; no burial vaults of any kind; requirements for the type of casket, container or shrouds allowed: the type of memorialization allowed (markers,etc.); and what decorations, if any, may be placed on the grave. 

We provide the families we serve the ability, in most cases, to have a visitation and funeral service, public or private, in our funeral home, your church, or your home. We will encourage family members to be, literally hands-on in the final preparation of their loved one, accompanying the body to the graveside and the lowering into the grave.

How Is This Done?

 Upon initial contact with our funeral home following death, it is important that the family tell us  of their desire for a green funeral. Ohio law now requires either refrigeration or embalming of the deceased if final disposition does not take place within 48 hours of death. It is also important to meet with our funeral director to discuss the type of  services desired; and for our funeral director to give advice to your family about suggested time frames for the services you choose to be accomplished.

Do I Need A Casket?
No. However, all materials used in the burial of the decedent MUST be 100% biodegradable. You may purchase a green casket, burial container and/or shroud through our funeral home; or you may provide one of your own. If providing your own, please discuss these requirements with our funeral director first.

What About Cremation? 
Cremation is considered a green form of final disposition. While there are some pollutants released during the cremation process, they are minimal in comparison to the manufacturing, storage and delivery of most caskets and burial vaults needed for a traditional burial. Cremated remains may be kept by the family, scattered in a responsible way, or buried in a biodegradable container.

What Else is there to Know?

While green funerals and burials are becoming more common, there are still a limited number of green burial cemeteries. The closest green burial option for us is in Yellow Springs at Glen Forest Cemetery , which opened up a green burial section in 2014.

Also, if you, or a member of your family, are considering a green funeral/burial, please discuss this, first with our funeral director to gain a full understanding of your choices; then, with your family to ensure that your wishes will be carried out. As always, please feel free to Contact us at 653-4227 for information.

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