Why Choose A Final Resting Place for Your Loved One after Cremation

Why Choose A Final Resting Place for Your Loved One after Cremation (Dr. Alan Wolfelt)

When we place the body or remains in a permanent, secure, sacred, and public location, we are forever honoring the life of the person who died.
Without a final resting place to know about and visit, many grieving people end up feeling adrift and lost, not knowing where to direct their grief. This often happens with inaccessible, undefined, or unmarked scattering locations.
Honoring family heritage. The location you choose will become a place for both friends and family to pay their respects for generations to come.
Grief is what we think and feel inside us after someone we love dies. Mourning is expressing those thoughts and feelings outside ourselves. And mourning is how we begin to heal. Visiting a final resting place helps us mourn.
Peace of Mind
As cremation becomes more and more popular, many families are accumulating cremated remains in their homes. What happens to all those urns years from now? Choosing a secure, appropriate final resting place for each loved one is a gift to the next generation. Instead of transferring the burden to them, you take responsibility for creating long-term peace of mind.

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